Coming back to your center

My focus over the last two weeks revolves around mindful-ness and finding calm in a turbulant storm. I bought two small books about mindful-ness and inner peace and truly am enjoying reading them at my own pace.

The first book I read was “How to Relax” by Thich Nhat Hanh
The second book I started was “The Little Book of Inner Peace” by Ashley Davis Bush

My goal is to incorporate at least 5 minutes of focused mindful-ness everyday. Just the simple task of breathing-in and breathing-out whenever I started to feel overwhelmed.

Zion National Park (2019)

In, Out.
Deep, Slow.
Calm, Ease.
Smile, Release.
Present Moment, Womderful Moment.

I am grateful for being here in the present. I am grateful for seeing Zion Natinoal Park and experiencing peace while I hiked up its rocky cliffs. I am grateful for you.

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