Day 2: Having a Little Patience

“I relax because everything is going to be okay”

I said that mantra last night 13 times while meditating for five minutes. I breathed in and breathed out while laying comfortably in a supported fish pose. I held serpentine in my left hand and my new desert rose crystal in my right hand.

Bryce National Park Overlook with a Gangly Tree (2019)

Today at work I needed to exercise patience. I get tested everyday when guests are not wearing their masks properly or ask questions that I already answered if they listened to my spiel. There is nothing wrong with giving friendly reminders. There is nothing wrong with repeating yourself. A lot is going on and sometimes you just get lost in your own world of amazement.

Tonight I want to ask for patience and understanding in my practice, but also the ability to let my frustrations melt away while at work. I want to channel this tree hanging on the edge of a cliff. It is sturdy and strog. Thank you for showing me natural beauty.

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