Writing Prompt! A Microfiction Competition

Good Morning fellow readers and writers! Today is Wednesday May 13th, 2020 incase quarantine and isolation have left you unknowing of the the day. I know I frequently forget and have to remind myself the day haha.

Last Friday I particpated in NYCMidnight’s Microfiction 100-word story Challenge! Competitors had 24-hours to write a 100-word story based on a randomized prompt group. In this first round I was placed in Group 76: drama/getting arrested/courtesy. My story much be a drama, include the actiodn of getting arrested, and the word courtesy.

So I saw my prompt at 00:00 on Friday morning and went to sleep dreaming of all the possible things I could write when I woke. Morning comes and I still have no clue what to write! I got comfy on the couch, opened Microsoft Word and forced myself to write anything that came to mind. Next thing I knew I had a story of just over 100 words. I needed to cut back and get a few people to read and offer feedback.

Here is the final product! Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions ^_^

Growing up a Demon

Blinding colors of red and blue cast indistinguishable silhouettes on the house. The scene looked more like a night club rave than the scene of a crime. She watched – the officer slap handcuffs on her father and walk him to the vehicle – from inside the house.
Little Jessabelle’s courtesy, gentleness, and naïve demeanor concealed her true, sick, and sinister psyche.

She grabbed the kitchen knife.
She climbed into her brother’s crib.
She jammed the blade through his soft, bald skull. Then, she called the police to report the murder.

Who would dare accuse sweet, little Jessabelle Lane?

© 2017 Katie Pelissari All Rights Reserved. This is original content.

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