Dressember – Fighting Human Trafficking

Today is giving Tuesday and while I was scrolling through Instragram I saw a good friend’s stroy about Dressember’s mission to fight human trafficking and protect surviors by wearing a dress everyday of December as a symbol of power and freedom. I immediately thought this was a great idea and have decided to embark on the same mission this month!

What is Dressember?

Dressember is a style challenge in which you wear a dress or tie every day of December to begin conversations about human trafficking and resource organizatinos working to end it.

Why am I Doing it?

The Dressember Foundation works with a network of domestic and international
anti-trafficking partners to bring relief, restoration and resources to victims around
the world. It is our hope that through a growing, collaborative community of
advocates, we will ultimately dismantle the human trafficking industry from every
angle. Since 2013, Dressember has raised more than $10 million to fund vital antitrafficking work worldwide.

Over the past seven years, the Dressember movement has grown from a just-for-fun
style challenge to a community of thousands of people across six continents. The
Dressember community of advocates and supporters have shown the power of both
individual and collective action in creating impact.

Children are 4 times as likely to be entangled in human trafficking as adults. Trafficking can involve force, but children can also be trafficked through threats, coercion, or deception. Children are targets for human traffickers because of the vulnerability that they possess, giving traffickers the ability to manipulate them with empty promises, romantic relationships, or gifts. Child trafficking is happening on our watch and it’s time we did something to stop it.

This year I decided to take action by participating in @dressember. Help me reach my goal by donating!

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