Day 22: Checking in with Myself

It’s been awhile! Hello! If you’ve stayed with me thus far, thank you so much for following my journey! I am learning lots and hope to continue growing. I returned to work this week after relaxing and celebrating my birthday, which was amazing. I shared it with my boyfriend and we spent the day at the resort pool. Then we topped the night off with sushi for dinner.

Moving forward I plan to post weekly updates as life is now back to a routine. Work is for the most part uneventful and I feel myself getting back to a sense of normalcy in regards to my mental well being. My next plan is to change and enhance my diet to reflect my better mind set. I will continue to mediate for five minutes every night and increase how mindful I am throughout the day. I’ve noticed that I tend to doze off more and more when I meditate so I also want to focus on being more in the present when I meditate, rather than getting lost in the relaxation. I know it’s not awful to fall asleep because that may be what I need in the moment but I’d like to challenge myself more. Thank you for my health.

Colorful flags at Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park (2019)

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