Day 5: Moving Through Life

The world is in constant motion. Everyday plants shoot up from the earth gasping for their first breath of air and the warm energy eminating from the sun. Vibrant flowers and sturdy trees paint our landscapes. They adapt and change to fit their survival needs. In this series of photos that I am working on, I intend to capture the movement and feelings from the subject. There is a lot we can learn and appreciate from mother nature if we just slow down and view its life from a new and different perspective.

Moving Tides (2019)

What do you see in this photo? A flowing river? Dancing veins? Whatever you may think it is is perfectly acceptable. I want you, the viewer, to let your imagination run wild! Continue to explore how this image makes you feel and ponder nature’s beauty. Thank you for sharing such beauty with the world.

Hanging Trumpets (2020)

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