Just Be You and Shine

I’ve been out of touch and uncentered for the last few weeks. And as such, I haven’t felt good. I haven’t skated. I haven’t written. I haven’t wanted to do anything that normally makes me happy. I did finish reading a book titled Light is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings and Working Your Light by Rebecca Campbell. I started this book back in 2018 and had a tough time getting through it. I really enjoyed what Rebecca shared and discussed but the format was not something I particularly liked.

This book for self discovery helped me on several occassions when I felt lost or without purpose, which is why I was finally able to finish it. And honestly some of the best take aways from the book were to just be as genuine and true to myself as possible. Doing what makes me happy for no one other than myself. One of the passages I highlighted was:

"When you allow the wiser you to write to yourself, you allow your head to get out of the way and your wise higher self to take over."

Most of the time I write because I am writing to myself. It is something that I have always done. To take what I continue to think about and release it into the Universe through writing. So when I read this, I realized I hadn’t been doing the very thing that helps me find inner peace. Yes I meditate and yes I love practicing yoga, but nothing feels are renewing as writing out what I am feeling, thinking, even questioning.

The reason I started this blog last year during th pandemic was to share my photography but also the experiences, both good and bad, that I go through. To share with others that you are not alone. The struggles and successes we all go through do not have to be done alone. So my hope is that through my writing, I can touch someone. Through sharing my own journey, I can reach someone else. Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving what I say a chance.

Bee on a thistle flowe (2021)

One thought on “Just Be You and Shine

  1. That’s such a great reason to write a blog. We often think we have nothing worthwhile to share, but sometimes the act of letting people feel they’re not alone is one of the best things we can do. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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