Getting Down to Business

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’vedone before.”

Bonnie Blair

Today is a new day. It is a new time to start whatever it is you have wanted to start. I know you can achieve your goals. All you have to start is start.

I started this week to really focus on my brand: GreenWorldGlimpse. I have this blog but the name originated from my passion in photography. I wanted to sell my photos. I wanted to spread them all over the world. I created GreenWorldGlimpse Photography back in 2016 when I first got my camera but have been sitting on my butt making excuses as to why I can’t succeed. I created a mission and a vision statement, as well as will be utilizing SmugMug’s virtual shop platform. I will be updating my shop page here very soon so stay tuned!

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Mission Statement

GreenWorldGlimpse Photography aims to provide high quality images intended to showcase natural beauty from different perspectives to its customers.

Vision Statements

To spread new perspectives through travelling and photography with each other.

To draw positive attention to nature and inspire change in attitude towards earth.

Walk the road less travelled.

I am excited to seriously kiskstart my business. I am grateful for the support and help from my friends. Thank you for sticking with me here on my blog. And thank you for encouraging myself to pursue what makes us happy.

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