Day 7: Balance

Life right now is chaotic, as I have said many times before. So it is important to find a balance between both chaos and peace. I joined friends to celebrate a birthday today at Rainbow River. However while this sounds like a joyous occassion, I struggled to relax. While swimming in the river, I realized that I was struggling to find my inner peace because of the looming threat of covid-19. I wanted to enjoy the day, care free with my friends and yet in the back of my head I was paranoid that I could catch the disease or what if I spread it?

I shared my feelings with one of my friends and she turned to be and basically said to just relax in the moment. Instantly I felt more at ease. While everything is chaotic, I must remember to find peace in the present. I must remember to focus on my breathing and really be in the present. My present after talking felt relaxed and calm. I really enjoyed my day out away from the hussle and bussle of my daily life. Spending time in nature has always been a place where I feel at ease and comfortable. Thank you for friends.

Pink flowers from an aloe (2019)

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