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It’s that time of year again for another NYCMidnight writing competition! However, I completely forgot to check my email and ended up missing the deadline. Big whoops! I entered this years 100-word micro-fiction competition. I was assigned fairytale/fantasy, swimming in a lake, and the word flaw. Today I wrote my story and submitted it late so that I can still receive some feedback, which is absolutely exciting! So here it is!

Depths of the Bloom

Wandering from the castle grounds, Cicely found him at the lake, clothes tossed carelessly in the sand. She watched his sculpted torso glide through the water. Particles glistening from the midday sun whirled around with each stroke. Prince Fyodor was a merman and that fact grinded Cicely’s bones. It wasn’t his fault her people suffered. The arranged marriage was tense, volatile at times, and enigmatic. Fyo was her enemy, but he was open minded, flawed even. Cicely resented the feelings he stirred within her at one glance. Torn between her people and Fyo, perhaps Cecily doesn’t know the whole truth. 

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