Magic Kingdom – Pin Trading

Just anothher day in the park! On Monday I went to Magic Kingdom to pin trade a little bit and met up with a good friend of mine and her new baby. At the front of the park you can start at the Town Square Theater on the right. Inside to the right is a merchandise counter with a pin board! You’ll be able to trade up to two pins with the cast member working. And if you don’t know about the new procedures, each pin gets santized before placed on the baord.

The next place to hit up is inside the Main Street Emporium. In the wooden floor room with clothes is a pin board behind the counter.

I headed towards Adventureland next to check out the pin board at the exit gift shop of Pirates of the Caribbean. Along the way I saw beautifully flowering trees. I just had to stop and take pictures. I also looked at the Sunshine Tree Terrance menu for anything new and made a plan to stop by later in the day to get some treats!

Don’t forget to stop into Momento Mori as well. The store is very small and you may have to wait outside due to capacity limits. Altneratively you may be able to ask a cast member to view the board outside. I did this the first time and didn’t have an issue.

I slowly made my way around the park walking into Fantasyland next. I popped into Fantasy Faire because I saw one of the shirts I liked and lucky enough they had my size! I decided to get the shirt and then take it to the Emporium to return and then buy again with a second shirt I wanted to get the discounted price.

After happily finding the shirt, I walked over to Sit Mickey’s for more pin trading!

Here is what some of my pins are for the day. I know some may be scrappers and I’ve read tons of articles about how to spot them but I feel at this point there are already so many scrappers circulating it’s hard to not find them. I am more interested in having a fun collection versus 100% genuine Walt Disney Pins. I currently collect Winnie the Pooh, Princesses, Tinker Bell, and Villians, but I love completing small hidden mickey mytsery sets!

By this time in my day I was ready for snack and decided on the Cheshire Cat Tail found at Cosmic Rays. It is a chocolate croissant with icing drizzled to look like stripes. I have to say I was vvery impressed with such a simple dessert. The croissant was warm and the chocolate reminded me of an oreo cookie actually. I definitely recommend trying this if you need a quick breakfast!

Finally I made it back to the Sunshine Tree Terrance and ordered the froed pork and vegetable pot stickers and the I Lava You Float. The pot stickers were deliscious and came with a soy ginger dipping sauce. I got about five pot stickers for the price which wasn’t too bad. Now for the float. It is an Orange DOLEWhip with Strawberry Fanta and Red Passion Fruit Syrup topped with basically pop rocks. Overall the flavors all really work together. I wasn’t a big fan of the Orange DOLEWhip though. It wasn’t quite sweet enough or tangy enough to really taste good. I’m not sure I would get it again but I am certainly happy I tried it. Hope this review helps you plan out a fun day at Magic Kingdom and don’t be afraid to try some new things when you go! Thanks for joining me!

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