Welcome in the New Year

While we may be halfway through January, the new year has been nothing short of crazy. From needing to buy a new car, to troubles refinancing my mortgage, 2021 is keeping me on my toes. But in order to stay focused and level headed I defined three goals for myself:

  • Visit at least 1 nature reserve or park a month
  • Keep up with my blog and photography
  • Practive roller skating and build strength, balance, and confidence

It was still extremely dark when I took to the streets and drove to Cape Canaveral National Seashore. The roads were empty and the moon shone behind me lighting my way. Overall it was a relaxing time with myself, but nothing compared to the beautiful sunrise. It was a rejuvinating experience to start 2021. I set up a blanket and my tripod and let my camera do its thing while I zoned out to the sound of crashing waves.

And as I watched the sunrise in front of me, the moon started setting. It dipped behind the sand dunes full of palms and grasses but still looked beauitfully placed in the now blue sky.

Once I felt ready to leave the beach I headed over to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. I hoped to stop in the Visitor Center to purchase a pass to visit other National Wildlife Refuges in Florida but I found out the center is only open on the weekends.

Next on my agenda for the day was going to Oak & Palm Hammock Trails. It is just down the road fromt he visitor center and offers a decent sized parking lot. Unfortunately there are no bathrooms so be prepared to stop somewhere else if you need it. I picked the Palm Hammock Trail which is about a 2 mile walk through mostly wooded and shady areas. There are a few short boardwalks as well as train tracks! Always be extra careful and safe when walking across train tracks. Stop. Look. And Listen. I took my time on the trail, looking for new subjects to photograph and am proud with what I captured. I even added a few photos to my Nature Through Textures collections, which is still a work in progress.

As always thank you so much for walking this trail with me. How did you spend your New Year’s? Share in comments and if you havent subscribe to get all the latest updates.

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