There’s a rainbow everywhere you look

Rainbows are a symbol of happiness and joy. I mean who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow after rain. Nature is full of color, life and rainbows! We see colors because of light. Wavelengths are absorbed and reflected in an object. We see the color that is reflected back to our eyes! A rainbow is all light reflected and slowed down by water droplets in the air to reveal all the wavelengths!

Throughout history the rainbow has been a symbol of many different political and social movemtns all around the world. Today it is a leading symbol of the LGBTQ+ community. It is hope and pride for those fighting for social eqaulity and justice. South Africa, in the 1990s was called a ‘rainbow nation’. It symbolised reconciliation and unity. You can even find a rainbow at the end of the biblical story, Noah’s Ark. After the storm, Noah saw a rainbow, symbol of hope, a new day, and a divine promise.

Whether you love rainbows, theyir symbolism is everywhere. They are positive and provide people with hope. Next time you see a rainbow take a second to think about what it means to you and why you love seeing them! I shared my opinions in this piece as well as read about the symbolism of rainbows here. Thanks for viewing this crazy thing called life in color.

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