Halloween at Magic Kingdom

Hands down Halloween is my favorite time of year! The change in seasons, warm apple cider, and all the pumpkin beer you can imagine. Everyone knows that Disney spares nothing for the seasons. They go all out with decorations and exclusive food and drinks. This year my roommates and I ventured out to Magic Kingdom to experience a much different Halloween since Mickey’s Not So Scary Party was cancelled.

Upon walking down Main Street USA a character cavalcade started featuring Piglet, Eyore, and Tigger. They all wore cute costumes! I loved seeing them and only wished Pooh was there as well.

I searched for the exclusive Halloween treats and decided on trying the Headless Horseman Rides Again float found at the Sunshine Tree Terrace. The drink is a strawberry Dole whip with strawberry Fanta sode. Sounds very sweet, I know!

Character cavalcade at Magic Kingdom
Headless Horseman Rides Again float

Unfortunately the exclusive straw that came with the drink was sold out so I didn’t get it but the bright side to that is saving a little money! I absolutely loved the drink! It was not overly sweet at all and the soda actually complimented the Dole whip. I ate the entire thing and shocked myseld because I usually never even finish a regular Dole whip! I would 100% recommend this drink if you have the chance to try it in the future.

The next best part of the day was walking out of Adventure Land and hearing the music to another character cavalcade. This time it featured characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The film is one of my favorites for the holidays, so seeing the characters in the park was super fun and exciting! I captured from great shots while filming them pass by.

Oogie Boogie

This lite experience of Halloween at Magic Kingdom was really fun. I am happy I got to go with my roommates as well. We all had a great day. I hope that next year I can experience Mickey’s Not So Scary Party as it is meant to be celebrated.

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