Something New

Good morning and Happy Thursday!

This week is a test of my endurance. I’m working my day job then driving to my new temporary job after work. I accepted a stage manager role at The Haunted Road, a haunted attraction out my UCF. I am thrilled to take on this new opportunity!

Something new I hadn’t expected yet was self doubt. Since I joined the team basically during tech week (we officially open tomorrow) I have been thrown into it all. My first day on Tuesday I was running errands and walking a lot while trying to piece together what the event is and who everyone is that’s working on it. Then throw in new technology to broadcast each scene and you have a very exhausted and confused me.

I know I can do the job. I know that this is completely different from Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. I gotta roll with the punches and keep being flexible to help out as much as I can. After this week but I won’t be in working at Universal so will focus 110% of my energy on The Haunted Road.

The event is going to be incredible. Everyone is pouring all that they have to make sure we bring Central Florida one of the best haunted attractions this season! For more information check out our website and share with all your spooky friends! Thank you

The Haunted Road

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