Wine Tasting Short Review!

I spontaneously arrived at the Florida Orange Groves Winery not having any expectation, except tasting some wine with a good friend. Little did I know I’d be in for a real treat because I love sweet, fruity wines. We tasted the five best sellers as well as picked two more we wanted to try. Then we sampled three of their slushy mixes with paired with a wine. I will be sharing my thoughts on the first five wines. Thanks!

Hurricane Class 5

Tropical White Sangria
This wine tasted very refreshing and fruity. It’s a blend of 5 different wines and would be perfect for any day at the beach!

Key Limen

Real Florida Key Lime Wine
This wine is semi-sweet and definitely surprised me. I am not a fan of key lime and it mostly makes me think of the pie but this wine tasted in my opinion like a spiked lemonade.

Mango Mama

Mango Wine
I do not like mangos except in very small quantities. To make this wine 9 pounds of fruit are pressed! The wine had a very light, crisp essence of mango which left the drinker desiring more.

Blueberry Blue sweet

100% Bluberry Wine
Wow! What can I say? An overall great tasting blueberry wine. Made with Florida blueberries, this wine is perfect for anyone wanting a sweet berry wine. I sampled the sweet but their is also a dry option for those wanting a little less sweetness.

Black Gold sweet

100% Marion Blackberry Wine
A wine made from my favorite fruit. The color and smell were absolutely divine. The taste did not let me down. A very full and rich berry flavor. I again tried the sweet but will definitely need to compare the dry wine.

If you haven’t check out the Florida Orange Groves Winery I highly recommend take a trip to St. Petersberg. The staff was exceptionally friendly and ready to help us out! Everything felt clean and safe as well. The Key Limen wine has also been featured at Walt Disney World’s Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival! So if you tasted it there and loved it there are so many more wines to try and take home. Thanks so much!

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