I went to Magic Kingdom!

A couple weeks ago my roommate, Jordynn, and I went to Magic Kingdom because I wanted to check out what the park looked like during the fall. Unfortunately, those beautiful decorations would not be up till later this month. (Yesterday to be exact). So the trip was a bust in regards to seeing what I wanted to see, but we still have a fun day!

Main Street Magic Kingdom (2020)

After parking and hopping on the monorail it started to rain as we entered Magic Kingdom. It was a light rain and felt amazing! I wanted to stop at guest services really quick to ask about the new pin trading format. Pin Trading at Disney is a big deal for some people. Almost every cast member would have a lanyard with five to six pins available to trade with any guest. I have a ton of pins and love trading! The new system works the same except there are designated pin boards around the park now. I placed my pins in a small container that will later be sanitized before placed on the board. While the experience is quite different from going up to any cast member it did feel clean and safe. You are still able to pin trade and I absolutely love that!

Pin Board Locations at Magic Kingdom

  • At the registers inside the Town Square Theatre
  • At the registers at the end of the Emporium just before Casey’s Corner.
  • Inside Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar at the register on the far left after exiting Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Inside Momento Mori at the register. The long was super long when I went so asked at the exit to see the pin board really quick.

We took our time walking in a clockwise path around the park. I stopped multiple times to take photos of things that guests normally walk past or never notice. While climbing around the Swiss Family Treehouse I spotted the Pirates of the Caribbean flag through some palm fronds! I thought it was so cool that from different vantage points around the park you can see so much! Everyone rushes to get so much done that they forget to look around and take in all that the park offers. Sometimes, the coolest parts are more hidden and take a good eye to spot, like the featured photo on the post. I never noticed the small statues around the castle and the corresponding statues. Chip and Dale look like they are dancing! Or like the photo I took on Main Street. If you ever have the time stop and look in all the perfectly decorated shop windows.

The rest of the day continued to be rainy and overcast which made it difficult to take more photos. But we finished the loop around and enjoyed nachos, dole whip and other treats around the park. I found a couple new pins too and had a really good time overall. I still want to see what Magic Kingdom looks like during Halloween so we will just have to plan anoter trip. Until next time, thanks so much!

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