Life Gets Busy

Last week I worked 40 hours and always forgot to pull out my laptop when I got home. So I never ended up writing a post which feels disappointing. However, I was fairly busy and exhausted because of the craziness of this past weekend. Labor Day weekend at the parks was absolutely insane! Universal reached the modified capacity on Saturday and Sunday by noon. There were tons of people and not a lot of social distancing, plus team members were constantly asking guests to wear their mask properly. I have a friend who used a clicker and by the end of her shift asked over a thousand people! CRAZY!

Knot in drift wood (2019)

For the last three years, I participated in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. There are two rounds that all the writers compete in and for the second round I did not finish a thousand word story in 48 hours. I wasn’t motivated to write anything and I really struggled to come up with an outline of a story that still didn’t feel like something I’d be proud of. I started to stress about it then my friend reminded me that this whole challenge is supposed to be fun. While I am disappointed I didn’t complete the challenge, it is nothing to beat myself up about. There will be more challenges that I look forward to participating in when I feel ready and happy to write. Just because life gets busy, or I feel tired, doesn’t mean that I need to beat myself up about it. It is okay to tak a break. It is okay to relax. It is okay to feel unmotivated and unispired. That is part of life! I will try again when I am ready. Thank you.

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