Day 17: Life’s Lessons

I do not have any great wisdom to share, nor can I offer any advice. Life teaches you many lessons but it is up to the recipient to understand and process these lessons. They may take the form of new challenges or people coming and going from your life. Whatever life is trying to tell you, don’t turn your back on the message.

I am continuing my healing journey with the help of books and crystals. However, true healing comes from within and cannot be solely based on other objects or people. While tools and resources are necessary, I need to be able to make decisions and changes that benefit my health and well-being. So far I have learned to slow down and listen to what my body is telling me. I have learned to communicate my feelings to others and myself. I have learned that treating myself to relaxation and facials make me feel rejuvinated. Thank you for showing that beauty within may radiate outwards.

Tulips in bloom at the Boston Commons (2018)

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