Day 1: My Spiritual Journey

Yesterday I received some beautiful gifts from co-workers. I joined a Gifting and Uplifting group where the premise is to share your Amazon Wishlist and send/receive gifts. I love the concecpt and have gifted about 6 people now but wasn’t expecting anything in return.

In my Amazon packages waiting at home, I was surprised with a new serpentine crystal and “My Pocket Mantras”! With these new items, I decided to embark on my own spiritual journey.

My Goals
  • practice mindfulness everyday
  • set a time to meditate for at least 5 minutes
  • recite a chosen mantra following the guidance in my book
  • imbue my crystals with positive energy
  • accept all light energy
  • remain calm and thoughtful
  • post on this blog my progress accompanied by photos I’ve taken
Golden Vigie (Lampranthus aureus) at the Kierstenbosch Botanical Gardens in South Africa (2017)

I am ready and willing to accept a new calling. I will hold myself accountable to reach a new state of mind. This is my self care. This is my joy. This is my passion.

At the start of my journey I will use my serpentine crystal to find peace and connect to the earth. It will promote emotional and physical protection. Thank you for guiding me.

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