Anyone else feeling very emotionally raw right now? Like all it takes is spilling tea and next thing you know, you are sobbing on the kitchen floor wondering why you are blubbering in the first place.

Yeah that’s me just about everyother day thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I haven’t stepped foot onto Universal Orlando Resort Property since March 16th, which means I haven’t worked for over 4 weeks now! Saying I miss working and all my friends is an understatement.

Things that normally don’t stress me out seem to be huge triggers. I cry over everything and seriously it’s not an exaggeration. I am coping with what’s going on but I also am a sound board for other friends who are struggling. And me being empathetic, tries to help them through their tough stuff.

I am relearning how to deal with anxiety. I am relearning how to take care of myself. I am relearning all the ways I can make myself happy.

I find that the only way to describe how I am feeling lately is: tired. Not physically though, just mentally.

Yellow tulips at the Boston Commons (2018)

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