I turned my boyfriend into a .GIF

March 2020

This morning I pulled up my photo library and browsed different albums hoping to find some inspiration. I haven’t written much this past week and I can’t pin point what has contributed to the lack of desire to write.

I started by organizing my photos. I’m not the best at it so there is usually a couple months worth of photos that need to be sorted by month, date, and event. It felt good to sort my photos and look back on some of the fun things I did pre-quarantine.

Around the start of quarantine, I went to Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve with my roommate and boyfriend. Trapped in the house for what felt like a life time, this was our first excursion out into the world. The fresh, warm air felt incredible. The trails were a mix of sun and shade which aided in the hike. We were limited with time so decided to hike to the Osprey Overlook, but ended up hiking the Tarflower Loop as well. Along the way their were signs explaining the ecosystem that corresponded with an interpretive trail guide I picked up from the Nature Center.

A lichen is a mutualistic symbiotic association between a fungal partner and a population of unicellular of filamentous algal or cyanobacterial cells.

Raven, P. H., Evert, R. F., & Eichhorn, S. E. (2013). Biology of plants (8th ed.). New York: W.H. Freeman.
lichen (2020)

Simply put a lichen is a positive, beneficial relationship between two organisms! They aid organisms in establishing themselves in extreme environments such as arid deserts and freezing tundras. The lichen I took a photo of and saw every where along the trail is a fruticose lichen because of its shrubby looking appearance. I was thrilled to see the lichen which sparked feelings of joy and happiness!

Now you may be wondering why there is a GIF at the top of this post. That man shown is indeed my boyfriend. While walking the narrow Tarflower Loop I took some sequential photos of him walking behind me. What I didn’t realize was that they were taken so quickly I could make a short time lapse of him walking. As I sped up the video I had a brilliant idea: I can turn this in to a GIF! And thus the result is a beautiful GIF of him walking then dancing. It was really fun to look back through the photos and get a good laugh out of turning them into a GIF.

Fallen Log Trail at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve (2020)
Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve (2020)

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