Day 24: Elixir

It is quite ironic that the word of today is elixir. Potions popped into my head first, and I thought how on earth could I write about that since potions are not used in real life. However, there truly is liquid gold: Coffee!

Today my roommate mentioned that Starbucks is partnering with UberEats and has a $0 delivery fee right now. While I do not care much for having Starbucks delivered, I did realize that I had not gotten Starbucks since before the pandemic. I checked my app and saw that I not only had money on my card, but enough points for a free drink! So I ordered quickly and hopped in the car with my roommate to pick up our treasures.

The first sip of my iced cinnamon dolce latte was pure bliss. It was a flavor my soul had been craving and it did not even know it was craving it. I had been brewing my own coffee at home and adding in some booze to spruce it up, which was always delicious. But, there is nothing that can beat Starbucks and all of its glory.

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