Day 20: My Music

Long ago I opened a fortune cookie and it read:
“Music is the soul language”
I still have the fortune because it reminds me the importance of music.

I could go on an on about how music changed my life but instead I will present various songs and artists that best reflect the music that inspired me throughout my life. From listening to 70’s rock and country growing up, to discovering my own musical identity in high school, my taste in music continues to change!

I loved this song the moment I heard it in
Legally Blonde
This was the best song to dance to at
every middle school dance
I heard this song with my dad in a hotel
room in Brazil in 2004
I love the melodies and harmonies in the song.
It makes me feel strong and empowered
This song was featured in a TV show,
I instantly loved it
I just love this song
Hearing this song again I couldn’t
not sing along.
Everyone deserves to feel confident!
I saw this artist in concert with my
Sorority big and love the message in this song

Finding the right songs to showcase my taste in music was harder than I expected. So much music contributes to who I am. Music has helped me express myself and what I feel through some of the hardest and best time of my life. For even more of my music library follow my playlists on Spotify.

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