Day 15: Scent

There is one scent at Bath and Body Works that I would literally bathe in: Sweater Weather. It is in my opinion the BEST fall scent and I can not get enough of it. The first time I smelled it I bought 2 tubes of lotion. Then I ordered candles online. I wasn’t sure if it would come back in the following year so I savored the scent as long as I could.

Come next fall and sure enough there is an entire display of Sweater Weather!! I was ecstatic! I almost bought the body mist for my boyfriend but instead purchased another lotion. The scent is a wonderful mix of leaves, outdoors, and just fall. It makes me think of a really sexy man. It makes me think of home now that I live in Florida. Anytime my boyfriend uses the lotions and I get a whiff of it, I just melt. Sweater Weather has a calming effect over me and I love it! Next year I will definitely get more lotion, soap, and body mist. Thank you Bath and Body Works!!

Bath and Body Works: Sweater Weather Collection

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