Day 4: Street

On a cloudy day in Worcester, England, Abigail wondered onto a gravel path in the country. Blanketed by moss and grass, the whole place felt whimsical. I wonder what’s down this path? She thought. A breeze rustled the leaves and nudged Abigail towards her new discovery. “Alright, alright, I’ll walk down the street.”

Each step sent a spark of joy through Abigail’s body. She looked all around and gazed in amazement at the overhead canopy of arching trees covered in moss, vines, and moist green leaves. More wind whistled through the trees and swirled around her body.

Country road in Worcester, England (2018)

Nothing appeared out of the ordinary, but Abigail could not shake feelings of magic and mystery. After walking for a bout fifteen minutes, Abigail heard a rustle in the bushes and stopped dead in her tracks. What was that? Could it be some kind of creature? Within second a small black cat jumped out of the bushes onto the street. “Hello there little one.”

Abigail got down on her knees and stuck a hand out to try and attract the kitten. He looked meek and afraid but its eyes revealed curiosity. Patiently waiting, the kitten moved towards Abigail’s fingers. With its nose turned upwards it began sniffing her fingertips. Then the kitten rubbed up against Abigail’s whole hand and an audible purr erupting from its small body.

“Should I name you little guy?” Abigail asked. Immediately the kitten stopped rubbing and looked directly into Abigail’s soul. Startled by the intensity of the kitten’s stare, Abigail decided on the name Hades. “You shall be called Hades from here on out!”

Photos have the ability to transport you to somewhere new. They hold magic. No matter what the picture captures, a little bit of history is saved for anyone to gaze at for years to come.

The photo that inspired this short story was taken in the country side of Worcester, England. My friends and I decided to drive around with no clear direction of where to go. We wanted an adventure determined by impulsive decisions. In the process we stopped at a small Tudor styled church and cemetery. The grey mood of the weather enhanced the atmosphere of adventure and mystery. The street we drove down through the country was beautiful, full of arching trees and lush, low growing bushes. It was a beautiful place to photograph and spend quality time with friends. Check out the slideshow below for more photos!

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