Day 3: Song

“It’s not the music that’s a curse, it’s the absence thereof,” [Phee] says. (p. 116)

King, Kerry Anne. Everything You Are. Lake Union Publishing, 2019.

The cover of this novel drew me in with the beautiful flowers. How could it not? I also quickly noticed the fancy f’s that would be on a violin. (I’m sure there is a name for them but I cannot for the life of me remember).

A novel about music, passion, loss, family, grieving – it packed a punch and by the end I could not put the book down. It truly was a beautiful book to read. While capturing the importance of music, the novel also touched on very hard topics like death in the family and alcohol abuse. King elaborated on these struggles and the importance to move on from past events. Things in the past cannot be changed, but you still need to face them in order to find peace in the future. Sometimes music and song can even aid in the healing process as in the case for Braden and his daughter Allie in Everything You Are.

I highly recommend giving this book a read. It will not disappoint.

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