Swimming in the Backyard

Today was all about relaxing and finding peace.

I have a very large backyard. After living in the home for a year, I still hadn’t done anything with the space. The grass by now is dead, and there were tons of ant holes. However, that hasn’t stopped me from making the most of it all during the down time.

Today my highly anticipated pool arrived! It is a kids blow up pool that could comfortably fit four adults seated, which is plenty of enough space for my roommate and me. It was super easy to set up and didn’t take too long to fill up. In no time at all we had two chairs, a table, and the pool all ready to go! I quickly changed into my bathing suit and mixed myself a drink with gin. Feeling the sun on my face while sitting in cool water felt amazing. I plan on hopping in tomorrow as well.

I created a space in my backyard to blow off steam and my anxieties during this quarantine. Plus, I finally checked off some projects I wanted to do to help turn my big yard into a usable space. My roommate and I created a fire pit last week! It was really rewarding to build it and later use it. We plan to use the outdoor space now instead staying cooped up inside for so long.

Backyard fire pit

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