Day 11: Importance of Self-care

I’m super proud of the progress I have made so far on my journey of healing. However, even with great progress there will be ups and downs. Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for me but I made it through and realize that acknoledging those rough days helps me process what I am gong through at that exact moment. I feel relieved today.

Now to touch upon the title of my post. This week I am staying at a Universal Resort for seven nights! I am treating myself to a vacation because my birthday is on Friday! I plan to lounge around in the comfiest clothes, go sit and read by the pool and take this time to recharge before going back to work next week. Plus I have fun things to look forward to when I go back to work, like finishing training to become a relief scheduler for Universal’s Superstar Parade. I started before the parks closed and have been waiting patiently to finish. I am so excited to finally do something different for a change.

Self-care is important because we all deserve a little love. It helps heal the body and mind and allows you to be in the present moment appreciating all things good. Thank you for new opportunities. Thank you for allowing me to do what feels good.

Purple flowers (2019)

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