Day 13: Teach

Teach. Teacher. Learn. School. Skill. Experience. These are a few words that come to mind when I think about the word teach.

Many have said now is the perfect opportunity to learn something new. While we sit at home listening to news and reading about current developments concerning the pandemic, there isn’t much we think we can do.

I registered for a free course offered at Florida Atlantic University: Hospitality and Tourism Certification. I was pumped to enroll and advance my knowledge in the industry I work in, however, I struggle to complete the course sections. The course structured changed from 5 classes, 3 hours each, to complete at your own pace before April 30th. Each course has a video and a quiz to complete. Fairly simple right? Well i am known to procrastinate and seriously lack motivation when not in a structured environment.

I need to complete this course. It is a wonderful growth opportunity both for myself and my career. I want to be able to add this certification to my resume and use what I learn at work. I need to get myself working!

What are ways you motivate yourself?

How do you achieve the goals you set for yourself during the pandemic?

What’s something new you have learned? Did you teach yourself or lean from someone else?

Please feel free to share your answers and experiences in the comments! Thank you.

One thought on “Day 13: Teach

  1. I find the Pomodoro method works for me. The way it works is to set a timer for 25 minutes. Work during that time and then give yourself a reward. My issue is my reward time is as long as my work time sometimes but it’s effective 😂

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